Delivering Dynamic Business Solutions.......

Stratocumulus Technologies, Inc. (aka “Strato”) is a Master Solution Provider, primarily for AT&T.

Because of partnerships with other companies, developed during 25+ years in the industry, Strato is able to bring TEMS, hardware, cloud, and industry leadership to each customer.

Do you want to discuss that new IT project?

Are you trying to figure out how to bring profitability to the IT group?

How do we turn IT into a profit center, rather than an expense?

Which means is better for you – operational expense or capital spend?

Strato is here is assist!

Strato has been a Master Solution Provider since 2011, and under current ownership since August 1, 2015.
The team consists of industry leaders with almost sixty years of industry experience with AT&T. However, our job today is to help you find a solution to your IT and telecom quandary.
Either click the “Letter” link on the home page to read about the relationship with AT&T or click here to have us give you a call!